Not so happy today.

You know those days where you sit down and want to just spill everything but can’t find the words and every time you start to bang out your feelings and all you wind up with is a blank screen or an empty page? Yeah…this entry has been edited and re-edited into non existence and I think I’m even more frustrated now than I was when I sat down here to begin with.

19 thoughts on “Not so happy today.

  1. /-: Seems like forever since we talked or anything… Sorry to hear that you are frustrated and all of that.. I totally understand how you feel. I mself have been having a hard time coming up with the words needed to express myself properly.. Hope it all works out. Much love to you and R.

  2. when i feel “blank”… i go take a long ass shower… like so hot it hurts for the first, uh, 30 minutes… you know, where your skin looks red when you get out… make it like a fucking sauna in the bathroom… then i sit and read or go through a photo book… something artistic… creative… and if that doesn’t work, i contemplate jumping through my window… haven’t jumped yet… so i guess it’s a good thing…

  3. What is the quote…… “there is a time to read, a time to write and a time to just throw it all out on it’s whore-ass”. Bukowski I think. Hold on….. It gets better I swear. It just all gets lost in the chasm of our minds…..and sometimes needs more timethan we know to work it out. xxoo G

  4. dude keep an eye on wendi for me, and make sure she stays cheered up n happy. I’m just used to worrying bout her s’all (old habits die hard) wish so hard i could leave this hellhole and join you guys in atlanta

    1. I told her that if she ever needs anything all she has to do is ask. I’m not very close to where she’s moving but I am close enough if there’s an emergency.

  5. Many sleepless nights, and drawn out days…I know we don’t know each other well, however, should you need anything…drop a line.

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