Making friends at the Drive In.

Well…the weekend didn’t go quite as I pictured it. Without getting into too much detail I wound up being scraped up off of the pavement and taken to the hospital Saturday night after a good round of getting my lights shut out. Parked in the far corner of a darkened parking lot and there were a few people that in general were none too pleased with me for a wide array of reasons most of which were my own fault.

Opportunity came and honestly…I deserved most of what I got. That being an eye full of blood, a torn up ear, a minor concussion and several various abrasions. I’ve been pretty fortunate in my past but every so often you lose one. I’ll be fine but I have learned another lesson regarding humility as well as where to and NOT to park at a drive in.

All that being said…thank you to anyone that made it out and especially to the ones who purchased some of my paintings. Luckily the people I was with continued to support me and helped sell my work. Guess I owe them pretty big.

20 thoughts on “Making friends at the Drive In.

    1. Well…I do tend to run my mouth when I drink and yeah…I was drinking. I had 32 days sober and just threw it out the window. Could have been worse though as when they got to me I was nearly to the car and can’t say w/100% certainty that I wouldn’t have tried to drive. Chalking this up to physical restraint and old grudges.

  1. sorry i didnt get a chance to go check it out, maybe i could ve had your back in that predicament. (for all the good it would do the last fight i was in was in 10th grade, but i KICKED HIS ASS) MAY BE UP IN ATLANTA AREA FOR AN AUDITON, in a few, we need to hang and have some drinks.

  2. You okay? And know who fucking did it? Naw bro,you dont deserve to get jumped. Fuck that shit. Need anything Call or e mail.

    1. Thanks Man but honestly…I was sort of looking for trouble. I’ve been incredibly angry dealing with my divorce and it was really just a matter of time. By all accounts I was being more than a little beligerent and actually going after people that I am/was friends with. I have a few phone calls to make to see what real damage was done there. Thank you for being concerned but I’ve had worse from better if you know what I mean and yeah…I have a fair idea of who all was involved.

      1. Understandable,But a couple of fuckers jumping you,aint freinds. Freinds put up with your shit,not knock the crap outta you. My offer stands. And if you need anything at all,you got the Number. just because your in a bad way dont mean folks got an excuse. been there,fuck that! You know the number,dont be a stranger.

        1. Yeah well…I don’t like to say too much when it involves the important things in my life but at this point it’s no longer a secret to anyone that I am close to so I just felt that saying the actual word would help me to accept the facts of my situation.

  3. Some times the lessons are tough to swallow, eh? Sorry things turned out like they did, but I’m glad to know you are okay in the end. *hugs*

  4. Jesus fucking Christ Vaughn! What???? Are you okay? I just got back from NYC and read this…. *worries* xxoo G PS: call Racy. Don’t ask. Just call.

    1. I’ll be fine. Just beat up but it could have just as easily been a car accident or worse honestly. I’ve been a mess over my “situation” as you can well imagine and it just got the better of me. I am seeing things in a much different light though so I will just say…thank you for checking in with me. Been trying but no response…I will keep trying till I get an answer and I have several of he and I’s friends trying as well. If you get any more info than what I already have please let me know.

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