5ft tall and feline.

Here’s the new cat I mentioned yesterday.
He’s about 5 feet tall, acrylic on canvas…

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Been awhile since I did one this size
but I think it’s much better than the last large ones I did.
He will be one of the new pieces available this weekend
at the HexXt show I posted about last week.

13 thoughts on “5ft tall and feline.

  1. OoOoOo… how i love your cats! If i had the room- and the cash- i would totally buy this from you… Do you ever trade?

    1. Thank you so much. I have done trades before but at the moment times are a bit tight if you know what I mean. Two shows in the next two weeks though so I hope that helps.

      1. Good luck on the shows… I’ve got one opening in 2 weeks (for a 3 month run)….and i got another gig for the spring at a local coffee shop. I need to start making some smaller stuff, cuz that’s what tends to sell…

    1. I do not actually but if you are seriously interested I enjoy making these and would gladly do a custom one. There’s a deposit for custom work and I generally take about a week for a cat painting.

        1. I usually charge a bit more for requests but will just stick to the $275.00 on this. I’ll need a deposit of at least $75.00 before getting started. You can paypal that or send me a check…whichever is easier for you. As soon as that clears I will get straight to work. Paypal address is: loveofmarius2@aol.com Just let me know when you put that through so I can be on the lookout. These colors are some of my favorites for these so no worries there.

          1. The sounds good. I’m paying my car at the end of the month, so if you want to take your time, I could send you the deposit now, and then the rest after Nov 15th when I get paid. I should have plenty of cash then. This way there’s no rush.

          2. Sorry I’ve been slack. I haven’t done the whole paypal thing in years. Do you prefer that? If so I can send up an account. Otherwise, send me you address.

          3. You are local correct? When this is finished I can just meet up with you to hand him over but let me have your email address and I will send you the address to mail a check/money order. Started the piece over the weekend too by the way.

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