Just dandy.

My life is in free fall at the moment. Some of my friends have noticed that I’ve distanced and secluded again which is what I do when I don’t have the stones to stare directly at what is pulling me down. Lights stay off and phones don’t ring. Work is on thin ice, my car was impounded yesterday and tomorrow would be my wedding anniversary if my wife hadn’t left me. So…to any that were wondering how I am doing I would just have to answer…not so good.

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  1. i was thinking about you yesterday, and noticed that you hadn’t posted in a while. *HUGS* I hope things get better for you…

  2. If you need anything, I know I don’t know you even remotely well or anything, but I’ve been there before, where everything in my life fell apart. Feel free to call. Even if it’s just for a coffee or a ride to the grocery store.

  3. Give me a yell if ya want,will be back up (going ta bed) at 11pm working at the Csstle all night til 7.30am bored outta my mind. call a mofo! sLASH!

      1. How is saving someone from intense boredom a pain in the ass? I would call you but my hours arent “normal” hours & only one or two of my freinds work graveyard these days,a sad fact Ive come to grips with. Anyway,the hours are the same 11.30pm-7.30am mon -friday. Give a yell soon or expect to be woken up by someone whos job is more annoying than working in a missle silo and whos social graces are pretty much nullified by that fact. cheers Slash

        1. Seriously…call whenever you get the time. My phone is usually right next to me wherever I am any-damn-way. I actually envy your job for it’s hours.

  4. horrormoviegeek and i were talking bout you friday night. she and i were in agreement that it seems you have friends but you need some new, more supportive people in your life. but i know you sometimes just wanna be left alone, as do i, but ya know where to find us if you need some support

      1. I’m the same way usually. But I learned the hard way what happens when I don’t ask when I really need it. There’s nothing wrong with asking for support now and again.

          1. Well here’s some consolation: Most nights I stay at home playing a computer game. You wanna know what it’s like being alone, hermit like, and with little to no social life to speak of, I’m the fucking ZEN MASTER. Although I am trying to break out of my shell a wee bit more. So if you really want something to do, give me a call, especially on the weekend. Odds are, I don’t have anything better to do and will jump at the chance from actual human interaction 😛

          2. I’ll keep that in mind. Actually, I need to get internet at my house again so I too can become an online hermit. I miss being able to avoid the real world like the rest of the people I know. Heh heh…

          3. Yeah, it’s funny. Typically on a saturday, it’s rare that I leave my house at all, unless I need to get food. I’ll talk to my mom and she’s all “did you go out today? did you talk to anyone?” My response is yes, because I’ve talked to people over the internet, but in her mind, that doesn’t count.

  5. I do the same damn thing when my life goes sour, and the thing is I know that’s precisely when a kind word word or sympathetic ear from a trusted friend would do me the most good. I just can’t face them.

    I wish I had some sage advice to offer, but I can’t claim to be long on wisdom. Just good luck to you, man.

  6. Wow. that sucks. things can only get better, I’m sure that won’t help matters, me saying that, but it’s true. Hang in there.

  7. I hope you feel better soon, I guess sometimes it’s good to be alone for a while, to sort things out or take a break. Just don’t linger in the dark too long. *hugs*

  8. Sometimes it’s just so much easier to shut in when you’re experiencing pain. Take the time you need to do so, just don’t drive yourself mad. Books! Lots of books! And your art. Hang in there, Vaughn. As best you can.

    1. I am…actually had a situation resolve yesterday that will reduce some of this head trauma. Been so busy that my brushes are actually dry for the first time in months. Gotta remedy that.

  9. dear jebus angel!!!! I’m so sorry *snuggles* much love to you…its gotta get better… … even a little bit… I’ll keep my toesies crissed crossed for you

  10. Try to keep your head up high Vaughn. I dont want to see you back in that rut you used to know so well, and worked so hard to get out of. I am proud of what you have come from and how you are doing and I dont want to see it all go down the drain. Nothing is worth that. Email me anytime if you want to talk more in depth and private.

    1. It’s strange to remember where you are talking about but I find myself slipping that way again quite often. I have to remember how miserable that time was and try to keep away from that.

  11. i would never have left if things had been different…..please dont ever think that i dont miss you. i always will….im sure you wont post this…but at least youll see it.

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