I tend to isolate when things are getting bad and given my history it tends to cause worry in the people that care for me. I am well known for the vanishing act, the bar stool still spinning or the last bit of light as the door swings shut behind me.

Just gone.

Need to remember though that after awhile the phone will stop ringing and the search party will be called back to town. People can only care for so long and it’s not fair to make friends worry. If this sounds familiar…I’m sorry and I will start being more aware and maybe even pick up the phone more often.

28 thoughts on “Split.

      1. I know all about it it’s friends like you that keep me going I will be in the ATL and we well have good times just like orlando but better

  1. Change is always scary but usually for the better. Congratulations for recognizing your own faults. It’s a hard thing to own up to every time and though some people sometimes actually do recognize it they make no effort into changing themselves and only creating a deeper hole.

  2. Def a Philosophical Sag thing to do… hide, assess, regroup then surface when youre ready… noone should fault you for it, its your way…

      1. Probably because you exude a lot of Strength (which happens to be yer Tarot card), & appear to have unpenetrating faculties. This is a wonderful coping mechanism, but at the same time, people neglect to realize that strength does not mean emotionless. Still waters do run deep. “People can only care for so long, and it’s not fair to make friends worry.” I understand what youre saying here but the thoughtfulness, understanding & consideration youre extending to friends by saying this should also be extended to you when you are treading in these waters. If people (friends esp) genuinely care, they should continue to do so, there should not be a statute of limitations on ones care for another…. maybe thats just me.

  3. I do the same thing. Then thoughts like “I’m going to die alone” come up, and I realize I am the one creating that possibility by withdrawing rather than just being real around my friends. It’s a struggle between not wanting to be a burden, and not wanting to be vulnerable.

  4. It’s a Sag trait, for sure. It only gets worse after separation from what was thought to be ‘forever’. I know, been there…… I finally went to a shrink and demanded that he fix me… LOL But!! … It worked. Diagnosed and treated, sounds so cliche, and I always swore I’d never be ‘that person’, but now I could care less…. Active serotonin is a beautiful thing. Years of self induced isolation, self doubt, mood swings, and stormy relationships… it all came to an end. I’m too old for that shit. Hope you see your light at the end of the tunnel ^_^

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