That is how much the shop tells me it will cost to get the car back on the road after my “minor” fender bender last Saturday night. I had intended to find a shop and get this squared myself without filing an insurance claim but uh…yeah. $500.00 deductable don’t sound so bad now.

10 thoughts on “Repairs?

  1. I feel you sweety. My other half’s fender bender is at the tune of $3,986. We didn’t have collision, so its gotta be out of our pocket. I wish i could just do a $500 deductible!

  2. yeah seriously.. My deductible is a grand, & someone backed into me last year while i was PARKED, & it costed 800$ to fix the dent in my fender, so the insurance company didnt give me shit. needless to say the dent is still there lol. fuck it right?

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