In brief.

Productivity has been the order of this week. After my 4 day weekend recharge I finished up a couple paintings (Spooky cat I posted already and a new custom “Pins” for scargrrl) and have been workin on some new designs soon to be fleshed out as well. Guess the breather did me good after all.

It’s been a real good couple of weeks here give or take.

Oh…since she’s already seen the end results, here’s a look at the voodoo of progress.

Click down there…


9 thoughts on “In brief.

  1. that’s awesome. i like seeing the progress…. i didn’t know you did the background first. i gotta try and do some painting of my own some day… it looks very rewarding and who knows what will spill out of my mind and on to the canvas. hope to see you sooner than later. ps- i was there when your boy was THAT GUY at the retreat. dude…. messy. i just went the other direction. it was bad news and then some. you would have been pointing and laughing.

    1. Thanks mang…I think I may start snappin a few shots as I go. A few people have asked to see the way it all happens and I have just sorta been lazy about it. Documenting it this way helps me see some new things too. Oh, you know I have heard all sorts of details about that ordeal. Had lunch with the man in the yellow hat(G.Barr) today and Jared filled us in as soon as he was two steps through the door. High-larious. I imagine it won’t be long now…someone git the check book and call payroll.

  2. strange. rivetonfire and i have said for years now that of all the things you paint, we’d want you to make us one of those. although, i’d really love to see your interpretation of a sugar skull.

    1. May see some sugar skulls soon. I coulkd very eaasily be talked into working on another Pins though…say in a different color scheme?

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