12 thoughts on “Foul Three print

  1. I want to buy a painting of yours. what’s your lowest price, cuz’ Im a college art student and Im broke pretty much all the time, but I want one fo your paintings so bad!

    1. Thank you so much… Well, these prints ar 5×7 and they are $60.00 but so are my original wood cut pieces. Which ones do you like so I cana tell you what I have? If you look at my Myspace they are all in the Paintins gallery.

      1. Oh! you have a myspace too?! do i have you on my friend’s list?? I’m sorry I’m a little air headed when it comes to keeping up with online accounts :S

  2. Every time I see your work I *crave*…some day, when things are more *sane* around here, I’ll have some of your work displayed in my home.

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