Hmmm…thought I’d post something that had actual words for a change. Things are pretty much aces here these days. Staying as busy as I can, trying to squirrel away a buck or two on accounta I gotta wedding to attend in a month up in Chicago. Seems like I have some pretty big holes in my pockets lately though and can’t put two pennies together much less air fare. I imagine it will all shake out though.

As anyone that sees this pretty well can see I’ve shifted gears into making prints and any painting I’ve been doing is purely custom commission stuff recently. Sorta concerns me as Drive Invasion is just around the corner and I wanna have some new creeps to drag out and show off. See, this would be where I need to be getting even more busy and get some work done. Maybe I should get offa here and snap to it huh?

OH!!! I fergot to mention a very important new development…I got a fish.

Everyone, this is Corndog.
Corndog, this is everyone.

39 thoughts on “Words?

          1. that’s what i said when i saw this… that and “ARRRRRRRRR… where’s meee swaaaaaaaaard? ARRRRRRRRRRR”

  1. So since corn dogs are delicious wonders on sticks, do you like the pancakes and sausage on sticks too? Hi Corn Dog!

    1. Sure thing, when you gonna be around these parts and which one was it you were after again? Sorry, been selling a buncha these and sorta lost track.

      1. I can be around whenever. Tell me when and where and I will be there. I wanted the cat with the orange/red background. If you have it, otherwise any of the cats ’cause I love them all!!!

  2. He’s so cute. 🙂 Hey- where can I find the vendor info for Drive Invasion? Looked at the website and didn’t find anything.

      1. Nope, not there yet. I’m trying to weigh D*C against that. How do you usually do there sales wise? Could I talk you into taking some small items on consignment at your space if I decide to do D*C instead? 🙂

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