Expiration date.

I will never be 60 years old.
I actually know how long I got to go.

8 thoughts on “Expiration date.

  1. remind me to smack you upside yer head the next time I see you. you’ll go much further than 60…if just to piss some people off. go to sleep.

    1. My dad passed and we have some heart issues that I am showing strong signs of. None of the men on that side get past 60.

      1. 🙁 That sucks… but you can prove them wrong! Get fit and eat well, drink and smoke less… you know how it goes.. *hug*

  2. This weekend I was at my Mom’s and she said she had dowsed with a pendulum to see what she would die of, and that she had thought of also asking when she would die, but said she didn’t. She told me the answer came as ‘heart attack’ which is what her mom died from too. That would be my choice of a way to go. Quick and usually without a forewarning. Then of course she had to spit it out that she really DID ask what year and the answer was 70. That is bullshit… even if she really believes that I think it is cruel to tell others. Now I’ll be worried about that in the back of my mind all during her 70th year.

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