Before I go.

So…I’ll be leaving Atlanta again this time next week.


All of the above and then some.

The last few months since my divorce have been all over the place emotionally. Got a bit too deep in the bottle for a bit, spent a bit of time in the bag, blacked out and broken but found my footing again and retraced my steps back to who I am/was before. Not the same but who could be after all the things I have been through this last few? Back on the same road just a few steps to the side I guess is a better way of saying.

If I don’t see you before I go…thanks for whatever role you played.
Good or bad, I will be taking a bit from everyone I met here and hopefully I’ll have put that piece to good use.


16 thoughts on “Before I go.

    1. Eh, you know where and how to find me. Miss you too though…glad to see that last post of yours though. You deserve some happy.

  1. you were married?? wow. I did not know that you were married, and did not know that was the main thing of your emotional turmoil. Im glad your doing better. I dont know you in real life, but what Ive read in your journal, you seem like a fighter and I admire that alot. Keep up the good work and hopefully I can soon buy a kickass painting from you. Keep in touch friend 🙂 -Stains

  2. Are you gone yet? Hurry up! 🙂 It was good to see you Friday and of course it would be an absolute honor to model your shirts.

    1. I’m goin I’m goin…ha. Finally get to run into you just as I’m out the door again. I’ll be back in town with a good bit of frequency though as I still have some on going projects here. I’ll get you caught up later I suppose. Take care and enjoy.

  3. We’re going to try like hell to meet up with you before you go. Where has the time gone? Too fast for us and too slow for you, eh? ^_^ If by chance we can’t (we’re eating ramen noodles for a month to be able to afford the new *expensiiiive* place haha), then we will catch up in the sunny state for sure. Got lotsa friends down there! I am so super happy for you, as I have witnessed the turbulence and have experienced my own similar hell… Thanks for talking me through a lot of it. A great friend indeed. Hope I can return the favor someday ^_^ Be safe, get there in one piece, and live the fuck out of your brand new lease on life!

    1. Please…anytime you can get to Orlando let me know! Hope to see you all soon and good luck with all the exciting new house stuff. Thanks, V.

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