Above ground.

Sooo…Monday is my birthday but I plan to “celebrate” Saturday.
Not sure I want to invest too much hope of a good time seeing as
finances fall under the heading of destitute. I’ll be happy to
have my health and K is back from Miami finally. I can live with
those two gifts.

8 thoughts on “Above ground.

  1. I had to wait until it was officially Monday. 😉 Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope this year (despite economic troubles and life hardships I know you’ve faced) turns out to be joyous. Although, I tell you this every year. I always wish that for you, as well as everything else positive I can. You’re just a great guy, always will be (even with the drunken brawls and those young whipper snapper tattoos) 🙂 To another year, Be good. xo

    1. You really do wish me happy birthday every year don’t you? Very kind of you and I appreciate it very much…this year especially. Thank you sincerely. Vaughn

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