The aftermath.

Sooo…the show last night went off far better than I could have hoped. Turnout was really good with a lot of friends turning up to show me some much appreciated support. Thanks all of you that attended. I was a bit on the nervous side as these paintings are so different from my older stuff. Wasn’t quite sure what the response would be but it was really a good night.

Ok, ok…Enough outta me.

58 thoughts on “The aftermath.

  1. These have a lot of life in them, movement. I like this direction you are going in 🙂 I was in Orlando to visit Debra 2 weeks ago. Would have been cool to run into you since we’ve never met in person. Oh well.

    1. My girl is the one with the red streaks and the rest are some of our friends. You may recognize Defenzemechanism (Jillian) in there as well.

  2. SO… how much did you pay all those hot bitches to rock up to your show? haha. Nice work V, they’re coming along very nicely indeed. 🙂

        1. Can’t exactly remember what they marked it as but I can get you the information. The number is: 407.592.6949 and you can speak with Angel or Tom. If you wanna stop in and see it the address is 29 S.Orange ave in the City Arts building on the corner of Pine and Orange.

          1. I dont live in Orlando anymore, so there is no way I can come by, otherwise I would have already been there. I would rather buy one directly through you if possible. But if you can get me the information that would help. I am thinking that it might make a great wedding present for my husband to be. I am getting married in April, so if you think I could have it by then, that would be great.

          2. Hmm…ok. Well, give them a call and talk with Angel (407.592.6949). If you get it just tell her I will be shipping it for you and I’ll take care of it from there. Yeah?

          3. Cool. If you could just get a price for me that would be great! Then I will do some math and call them up! You rock!

          4. I just called at 11 when I got your message. I couldnt call yesterday because I had to work. Ive got to be kind of sneaky about it and call when Chris isnt home too. Man, I hope she calls me back and I get it. Now you have me worried.

  3. I really love your new collection. If you’re familiar with the Burgundy Room in Hollywood, you should do a show there – there’s an art gallery connected to it now. Your stuff would go over insanely well! I still want to know how much for an original Bride of Frankie!

        1. Well, I can get you the gallery contact info or you can wait and see if she sells or not and I can work it out with you later?

          1. Up to you…a print is just $60.00 and I can do that myself but the original is up till the end of the month. Gallery # is 407.592.6949. Just ask for Angel or Tom.

          2. Do you have a price quote, or should I just call the gallery. I’m very good friends with the Burgundy crew, including the gal who books the exhibits – we should network and put something together, or I can put you in the right direction! Your girl is a hottie, methinks you two should take a trip to Hollywood soon…

          3. We are actually trying to plan a trip now but $$$ is so tight it’s going to be a couple months. I’d love any info on future shows at Burgundy Room though.

          4. Check out my Hollywood Halloween photo album on Facebook – all the art is from the Burgundy gallery (Afterthought Gallery) – a lot done by Apollo Staar… do you know Apollo?

          5. Update: Sharon no longer runs the Afterthought… I’ll have to find info for Iiad, the owner of it (and the Burg).

  4. I’ve always loved your work but holy crap Vaughn, these are something else! I hope that you’re proud as hell of them, especially after having a few misgivings. These are really beautiful. You’re just full of clever, aren’t you?

  5. DAMNIT MAN! I soooooo fucking wish that I could have been there! They are ALL so fucking lovely, V! Those “antique-y” backgrounds remind me so very much of my own work. We must be in the same mind space right now… Has the Bride of Frankenstein sold?

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