Restoration and resurrection.

So, in our recent move one of my paintings was somehow severely damaged.

Her entire face was scraped and flaking off and I’m still not entirely sure how or when it exactly happened. I think maybe it got cracked in the heat or something and then flaked off maybe? Not sure and pretty devastated about it honestly. It was the final piece I completed for my last solo show and I was pretty proud of her seeing as I completed her in about 8 hours with drying time.

Anyway…started to restore her today and that meant I have had to start layering paint to even out the giant craters and wide flakes. This of course AFTER I peeled off more to sort of even the layers that were still in tact. I’ve never had to do this before. It’s sort of makin me a bit sad and frustrated to have to resurrect her this way.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to start with the actual painting. I took some traces and saved the largest piece I could for color reference.

2 thoughts on “Restoration and resurrection.

    1. It does suck, thank you. I’ll post pictures of the after but the before made me too angry to take pictures of it.

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