Gorilla Bunny of Piedmont

So, today I was missing Atlanta a bit and decided to stage a contest. The first person to get me a picture of the carwash gorilla on Piedmont ave Near Cheshire Bridge Rd in Atlanta would win a free print of any of my paintings..their choice. I got 6 entries and 1 video. This made me happy.

Here is the winning photo as shot by Rena:


Fear the mighty beast.

10 thoughts on “Gorilla Bunny of Piedmont

      1. i’ll see if his ears are still on. my mom has some awesome gorilla stories. based on the colour, i’d say it’s the same gorilla

          1. next time i got to the dr, i will stop by (doc is at the corner of east rock and piedmont.) and ask them. i found a polaroid last night from around 1999 i took my friend’s car of the gorilla. how funny i find it the day we talked about the gorilla

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