14 thoughts on “Ended

  1. You know what, there’s not much I can say to that except I’ve gone through a separation before [worst experience ever]. BUT, if you take this scenario as a chance to work on YOU [sounds corny, but that’s what I did],then I think it could be a really good time for you. Everyone should have a few demons lurking in the shadows, but you don’t want to be breathing fire ever day now do you? xo

    1. Yeah, I am trying to keep my head on straight and focus on me but all I want is to go back and fix things. Can’t go back though.

    1. Thanks. Some how I knew she wouldn’t be in my life forever. I hoped and we told ourselves that everyday but in my heart I think I knew. We are even now trying to salvage what we can but…

  2. You two should work it out. 🙁 You know she would forgive you. You two are too perfect together. WTF

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