Stepping away

So I’ll just let it go, or try to. Nothing I can do to control this anyway. If someone wants to run they are going to run and you can’t try to hold them. The ugliness and pain of this last few months isn’t doing either of us any good so I will simply step away and put hope on a shelf. This was supposed to be forever and this was supposed to be our lives starting but instead it’s been torn apart. Worst part is that we are the ones that did all the damage. No outside factors to blame…just us. We always said nothing could tear us apart and we were right. Nothing except for us.

6 thoughts on “Stepping away

  1. Wow.I just happened to look at this crock of bullshit today. WE did not ruin anything. YOU did. By your actions while we were trying to work things out. Those actions being fucking my friends TEENAGE friends whom you used to make jokes about your wallet being older than her… oh and she and her other underage friend are telling everyone too from what I hear from their friends. All the times I left you alone with her, went to work to support you while we were living by UCF. A SEVENTEEN year old girl, Vaughn?!?!?! That’s worse than you hitting me, cheating on me online, cheating on me in Atlanta and having inappropriate affairs. I can’t believe I still wanted to help you… you are sick, out of your goddamn mind, confused about what you are and you pretend to love me? You just send me emails every day saying how you know it’s all your fault and how a thousand apologies couldn’t take back the terrible things you have done to me, then you go play martyr on your gay LJ account. I’m physically laughing right now. I have no more love for you than you ever had for me, so spare everyone the ‘poor me’ bit. I can post your emails as a reminder if you like.. as you know,. I still get one or two a day just like clockwork and send it straight to spam w/o opening it. Own up to something for once in your life. You lost, devastated and nearly killed on a few levels the one person who would have given and been a family to you. I am so repulsed by your actions. Does your mom know? Ha. I doubt it. You just say I left you all alone. No, but alone is how you will end up, because you won’t change. Your insecurities and lies… you’re a mess again. When you were with me you weren’t. I built you up. Look at how far you’ve come after I scraped you off the dank floor in that shit apartment in ATL and brought you here where you proceeded to act like an asshole. You never liked my friends until I broke things off with you… then you liked ALL of them. You’ll just fuck and dick or pussy around. I thought for a second you had ruined me life, and then I saw how much brighter it got without you in it. You’re in need of so much that parts of me (sick parts) still want to rescue you from, but you have burned me now to the point of never speaking to me again. You couldn’t have gone any lower if you tried. To the “love of your life.” What a fucking joke. Seriously, either you must be a complete sociopath. You never have that moment of clarity where you know how wrong you have done, do you? Stop contacting me. And if you have any balls at all you won’t delete this. ~Kass

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