And today?

Road trip up to Jacksonville did me some good for a couple days. Seeing family and getting out of town a bit was a great idea. Getting back I just messed myself up again of course. Went to two openings and really should have just stayed in. Ran into a few stressful situations and cracked a bit under the anxiety. I’ll be ok though. Didn’t take it too far and got back to the business at hand first thing yesterday. Beat myself up mentally all day though and feeling a bit of self loathing today as well.

Working on a project that is proving to be more of a disaster than I imagined it could be. Few kinks to work out but don’t have proper funds to get this sorted. I’ll figure it out I’m sure but had to set it aside last night and move on to other things. Other things entailed a walk around the lake to attempt winding down but no real luck there. Today it’s back to work and trying to keep my thoughts outside my head instead of digging through the disaster in my mind. Just can’t think about things anymore…Can’t.

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