Poison and paint

Earlier today, I was looking at a site that has pictures of toilet seats that were painted with flames and pin-stripes. Like one might find on a motor cycle or low rider. The toilet seat part wasn’t the wierd part though. The artist listed was…RIKKI ROCKETT from Poison! Ha!
After my initial reaction I realized what he was doing was similar to me and my t.v. dinner trays. You probably don’t know this, but I paint tattoo flash on t.v. dinner trays and sell them for $60.00 a pop. Anyway, I emailed Mr. Rockett to find out what kind of paint he uses since my trays always have lines from the paint I use. Well, he just wrote me back and gave me some ideas. He also added that he might be interested in picking one up if I sent him some pictures! Hillarious.

6 thoughts on “Poison and paint

          1. Last time I talked to him was at my Halloween Party Last year. I miss him. I don’t have a way to get in touch with him either. If you do..let me know. I just TOATALLY surfed the Rikki website. Some cool stuff….his drums were really cool. Did you see them? If not you should!

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