Drinking with the Mouse

Today is going to be quite an adventure. A good friend and I are heading to Epcot to get drunk at the World Showcase. It’s got all these places to go and eat/DRINK different things from different places. Like saki in Japan, ouzo in Greece, tequila in Mexico…you get the picture. I’m planning on being in bed with a good case of the spins by about 9:00pm. Drinking in the daytime always puts me down early.

8 thoughts on “Drinking with the Mouse

  1. Sounds like fun! I will be down in your neck of the woods soon. Openeing a new Guitar Center in Winter Park Fla. It’s in some mall near a Cheescake Factory.

    1. I’m in Winter Park so give me a heads up when you get down here. I make one hell of a tour guide. By the way, when are they gonna start hiring???

      1. They already did. I don’t have a phone number for it yet….maybe 411 down there can help you out. You should come by Grand Opening night…crazy deals on all kinds of stuff. What kind of gear do you have? Aren’t you the guy with spiky red hair?

        1. Yeah that would be me. I kinda stand out a bit or so I hear. And I was just kidding, I haven’t needed a job in over a year. I will swing by the G.O. though. Always looking for good gear cheap!

  2. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to get drunk at Epcot/Disney. Count me in next time… or, succumb to me dragging you to visit the mouse with me, with a bottle of liquor strategically stowed somewhere…

    1. That’s just it though, you don’t need to smuggle a bottle in. There was booze everywhere! It was a bit pricey but well worth it. Plus, it was raining so it made the France area seem better somehow.

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