Woke up in my boots again.

Well, I don’t feel that bad this morning. At least not considering the beating my liver took yesterday. Last night I went to see a friends band play and meet up with my partner in mayhem from Epcot. Somewhere along the way, her boyfriend showed up and we kept drinking till I executed my patented disappearing act. I’m good at that…In case you don’t know, it goes something like this, “Hey, I’m gonna grab another_______(<-insert drink of the night here) be right back." Next thing you know, I'm perched on a barstool clear across town. I made my way up the street to Dancer’s Royale to do a bit of “shoe shopping” and nurse the last “3hour tour” of my long day. I think I got in around 1:30 or so. Whatever time it was, I was damn tired and in no mood to fight with my fuckin boots. A good time was had by all.

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