56 thoughts on “Hard at work…

  1. seeing you DJ, i can only think that something is missing. Rach and I sitting behind you, talking about how hot your ass is. Agh, the good old days…

      1. yes yes. again, those were the good old days. i would still sit behind you and talk about how hot your ass is. just minus rach and minus the drugs and booze.

          1. There are very few innocent Scots left. They’ve all been corrupted and left broken on the sidewalks. It’s a hobby.

          2. You and a sword seem like you’d go well together. It’s always a handy skill to have. You never know when someone will challenge you to a duel..

  2. a musket? how bout a little pearl handeled .25 or a knuckle duster? im selling em cheap (no, not truly) i really have to concur. the sexiness factor there is through the roof!

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