“And you are…?”

Back Booth last night to see Fantasie Freddy for “FIRING SQUAD”. Not bad, the fella’s got good taste in the vinyl of course so I knew the music would be as messystench so eloquently puts it…”tits”. Almost didn’t go but I was signed up for a 7 year over due meeting with a dear old friend from the L.A. days that’s in town for the weekend. Good to play catch up and be reminded that there are people who still care when all my street lights get shot out.

Something happened when I got downtown though that bothered me. Enough that I’m still thinking about it a bit anyway…I was making my way through the tides of America’s zombified future, walking up Pine, off in a drift about switchblades and tea roses when a little blonde in a big furry something or other broke through my haze, said “Hello there Vaughn” and passed me a smile. I sort of stumbled a step, turned for the double take, said “Hello” and tried to place a name to the face. Nothing. Blank stare.

It makes me feel incredibly pathetic and rude when I can’t remember someone’s name after they made the effort to remember mine (suppose I could have just asked but it’s a bit embarrassing really). I know that it’s just the years on the soak at the long end of the bar doing wonders with my grey matter but still…If I seem a slight vacant at times…don’t take it too personally. Probably just the effect of shattered brain cells or some pointless mental distraction. Wish I had a reset button sometimes you know?

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  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. She could very well have been someone who’s seen you on LJ via other people’s friends lists or something like that. If I passed you in the street and said hello, I doubt you’d know who I was, since we’ve only talked in person once, and even that was very brief and in a dark noisy club. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t take it personally. Of course, if I actually looked like the attached LJ pic and you didn’t recognize me walking around downtown Orlando, then I’d think you were pretty fucked up. 😉

        1. Well…maybe. I did spend an awful amount of time walking around Yucca and Wilcox at all hours of the day and night so I may have seen a thing or two.

          1. easy tiger… ease up on my hood would you….btw you might want to check the other place again…..

          2. That “hood” of yours was a lot worse back when it was under my heels. I’m sure it’s still a mess but there were times I shouldn’t have made it through my doorway.

          3. LOL…. thought you’d have some more suitable weapons tucked away somewhere….. I’m disappointed.

          4. hey thats my hood you’re talking bout – much better than it was 10 years ago, but still suitably hairy in front of Playboy Liquors @ 4am.

          5. Indeed he must have, as its still in business despite all the shit that goes down in front of it . . . As an aside, I noticed an autographed picture on my friend’s wall the other day – it was of Edgar Bergen (the ventriloquist) and Charlie McCarthy and it was inscribed “to Playboy Liquors” – she had stolen it off the wall 25 years ago when she was a wee punk rockin’ lass. Made me smile.

          6. Heh. That’s where I lived in 92. In the big pink apartment complex with the pool on the west side of Wilcox, south of Yucca by like one bldg.

          7. Yeah!! That’s the name of that place. I would make the guy I was living with go with me to that liquor store up the street if it was after 10pm. He still has video tape from the riots of men running up Wilcox with TVs and boxes of shoes they looted from the stores on Hollywood, past the guys from our bldg that were guarding our place with crowbars. Which bldg did you live in?

          8. I was waiting tables at this place on the corner of LaBrea and Hollywood called Extase Cafe when those riots broke out and it was so busy that day that dirty dishes were piled up on the floor of the kitchen. I used to ride my bike there and was really wanting to ride home cuz I could see fucking smoke in the sky not too far away from us, and my boss was all “no… no, we need to finish the dishes”. That whole thing was pretty exciting to me too… tho I did not loot anything, heh!! What clubs did you hang out at? Bordners? Cathedral? Top of the Roxy? There was also this place on Yucca that was silver and black and played rave music, can’t remember the name of it. And this place on Cahuenga pretty much the same latitude as Studio Club that was all red. Can’t remember the name of that place either.

  2. I hate when I can’t remember someone’s name too!And I’m always always doing it!It’s not the drinking because I don’t even drink.I think our brains just get filled up with so much stuff sometimes there isn’t even any room for anything else.

    1. On the Simpson’s one time Homer says somethin aboout learning new stuff making old stuff fall out…I think he may be right.

      1. From the same episode… Homer: Remember that time I took the home winemaking course and I forgot how to drive? Marge: That’s because you were drunk! Homer: And how! That may not be the exact wording, but it’s close.

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