Back up.

Weekend is winding out and I’m no worse for wear. Two…count them two nights in a row I was to be found making the rounds on the high side of low life. Down town with my friends firmly at my back and no need to even look over the shoulder. Sometimes it just takes the right couple of words to set you up for a knock down but if you have someone there to catch you it really ain’t so bad.

LA is close but it’s lookin like NYC is closer. E.T.A. is ticking.

13 thoughts on “Back up.

    1. I can’t even tell you how bad I want to hit that side of the rock. I’ll be there soon and it will be bullets flying I’m sure.

          1. hot lanta. we miss you here too. well i do. traveling man. maybe i can just come there for a weekend and we can begin again… much love xox me

          2. tattoo’s hummmm. buy me one of your monsters to be tatooooood on me by Shane and it’s a deal!!

  1. buy me buy me please. hearts and broken hearts for sale all on cute tee’s panties, and more. AND Dope Fans… lot’s of cool dope stuff… the coolest stuff on earth. you are missing out if you don’t hurry up. it’s all going to be gone. however there will still be killer rabbits and spookie demons. the new line of satanic demons are to die for. i also have paintings posted in my photos at username: jennydotsxxx thanks and much love

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