The only sound I hear is the low buzz of electricity but it’s so loud in my empty apartment that I can’t get back to sleep. I haven’t slept in my bed comfortably since W. and I broke up so now any sleep at all finds me on the couch. I’m moving on but there are just some things I can’t handle still. The touch of those sheets feels so cold and uncomfortable to me. I actually sat on the bed a few minutes ago in an attempt to reclaim it but I felt…repulsed.

Gonna go lay back down and stare at the wall now.

19 thoughts on “Empty

  1. sux – i cant sleep either…mostly because i had the AC on ‘ON’ before I went to bed so I woke up to a 30 degree apartment…so i got up and turned the heat on – but now im wired….

  2. lonely beds are the worst. i know how you feel, it’s hard to go from sleeping with someone you love to sleeping alone. i can remember sleeping on my couch for months until i could handle sleeping in my bed without my ex. even now 2 years later i occasionally really miss that comfort.

      1. okay maybe I should take that back, I can definitely think of worse things than a lonely bed, like a bed that is way too crowded.

          1. And that would be a statistic from where exactly? Cause I’m not sure that has ever been the cause of any of my break ups….oh wait a minute, there was that one time….lol.

          2. wise answer. would hate to think you were saying bad things about sweet lil ol’ me. cause I know I am just too much ….. but in a devilishly good way.

  3. Know the feeling, brother. Woke up on the couch for like the tenth day running. Usually sleep in the bed only when there’s company involved, and that’s been too farking rare of late. M

  4. i’ve gotten pretty used to it by now. but there’s still something that sucks about not having that warm lump in the bed every night. so i cuddle with pillows. and my cat.

  5. Hey man I hope things are geting better.. I know I would be absolutely destroyed if las ever left me she is the one that keeps things together keeps from my own mission of self destruct talk to you later

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