Hit the lights.

Just read my very first few posts from when I started this fucked up mess of a journal. The whole reason I started this…this line of “expression” in the first place was to try to put out my thoughts in an honest and forthright manner. I will not go back on that idea now. I see though that I have to now pull back slightly and keep my cards a bit closer than before but I won’t be made to hide myself from any lights that might fall on me over the course of the day.

4 thoughts on “Hit the lights.

      1. im just gonna cheel here and maybe watch a flik with my friend L. I DO not like to go out and drink when it is wet and colde…colde is nice…both suck… if youd like to get in the mix(haha dont get the wrong idea) you can contact me via the email addy on my LJ profile with yer number or AIM etc….

        1. I appreciate the invite(no wrong ideas here…ha) but I’m sort of locked on a plan of action at the moment. Another time for sure though.

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