Smiling? Me?

This is me and the diabolical nemesisxiii a few months back tipping elbows at that Chamber joint up in Atlanta. Are those smiles slapped across our ugly mugs? Musta been drunk. But judging by the amount of juice it looks like are in those cups…I musta had my flask. Good time.

50 thoughts on “Smiling? Me?

          1. Disconnecting red wire and fusing it with the white wire should work…if not…I’m busting the fuck out of the clock…I hate that’s ticking noise anyway..gets on my nerves..

          2. You should ditch that thing before you come to CA..especially if you’re flying…you can’t take that on the plane you know..

          3. I would but the person who planted it stuck it in the gaping whole where my heart used to be before she left.

          4. Did I mention I’m a surgeon?? But I’m better with hearts than timebombs…I’m not so good with the ticking kind…we’re just going to have to replace the annoying fake ticking one with a real thumping one…then work on patching it up and reviving it. ;o)

          1. Ahhh, squirrels. He’s been getting it wrong and rolling around on dead hedgehogs instead. I shall inform him of his mistakes.

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