Down with the…

Been thinking about failure a lot lately. I don’t take it so well. Suppose no one does really but my stride gets broken up by it far more than I let on sometimes. One of the big things is that I don’t want to give up the ship even when the holes are gaping and I know it’s not gonna make it to shore. I’ll struggle on with a broken paddle and half a sail rather than just let it settle and make a swim for it on my own. I never feel more depressed than when I am forced to acknowledge the futility of a situation I wanted so badly to work. Gotta know when to put the damn duct tape away and sink the fucking ship.

30 thoughts on “Down with the…

          1. well. all i really know about Skunk Apes is that they scare the living jesus out of me. the real question is: what do you know about them, being that you are in Florida and all… ?

  1. i was like that for a long long long time. only over the last couple years has it finally sunk in that sometimes you’re far better off walking away from something at the first signs of trouble……but….then also easier said than done.

      1. more often than not, i’m the same way. admitting defeat is never easy, but sometimes it has to happen in order for some sort of necessary change to take place – usually it ends up being for the better, but doesn’t seem like it at the time. although, i also think that if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want something, you should never give up on it, regardless of what is thrown at you. i don’t know….i have a lot of odd outlooks on life/things/whatever and sometimes make little sense or end up talking in circles.

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