Wet Paint

The paint is barely getting enough time to dry these days and I am thee last you will hear singing the sad songs over the extra funds slowly filtering in…bills to pay and such. If it wasn’t for my brushes I would have sank when I split from G.C. but in the last month I’ve shipped about 4 and dropped 2 door to door style here in town. Funny how it’s still never enough and I feel like I’m leading with too much slack still.

Shortly, bleedtheheart and I will be getting with the LN17C guys to start on the first go at shirts (girlies first most likely) and stickers. Been talking about it with S. for months and he has me a really fine deal worked out where I can handle the costs up front. I’ll be looking for some input soon to determine which designs I’ll be throwing out first but most likely I will be doing about 3 different ones. Any ideas would be appreciated though.

Speaking of cash, the new job has been rolling along well…maybe not so steady on the hours but stress is cut at a minimum for the most part. Not too thrilled about the whole issue regarding the what and the where but a paycheck is a paycheck so long as the bank says the money is good. Went in today to finish up on the build out and wait for fire inspection so with that in the bag, tomorrow we crack open the doors. Not sure if I will be on the clock tomorrow but at least I know I will have income on a regular again starting this Friday. My favorite day of the week? Payday.

17 thoughts on “Wet Paint

  1. I can’t wait….I’m so excited to get back to something other than what has to be done at the moment….I’m so proud of you baby.

      1. It’s gonna be so great!!!!! I still think we need that survey of sorts….top 3 takes it. I’m making my way to the couch….best hit pause.

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