Yeah…she loves me.

bleedtheheart shortly before I displayed my amazing putt putt golfing prowes and layed down the whoop ass…

Why she wants to be seen with me I have no idea…

Anyway…Last night’s little whirlwind was the oh and the yeah if not just a little too hot…I mean the weather by the way, too fuckin hot. Mini “adventure” golf was the main course followed by a walk around “Not So Pleasurable Island”. About the most exciting…no, thee most exciting thing hoppin there was a questionable Keith Richards bobble head doll and Ronna’s rousing rendition of Donna Summer’s “Love to love you baby” which prompted me to beat feet and flee the scene before security made a move on us. Looked for a pair of mouse ears for milli but caught a zero on luck as once we found them they locked the doors on us. So….home we went to settle in and watch “Pool Hall Junkies”. I believe I must now include this little gem in my list of frequently recommended viewing, I think ude7 told me that was a good one awhile back. Good stuff. Good time. Just fuckin good.

61 thoughts on “Yeah…she loves me.

  1. “why she wants to be seen with me I have no idea” Neither do we Vaughn, but we’re glad someone does 😀 …sorry, you know I’m just kidding! Glad to see you and Ronna actually get out and do stuff. Me and the boy can’t seem to get off the couch when we’re together. Which is usually after we’ve both had a long day, so being uber bums is all we have the energy to do together.

          1. ZZzzzZzZzzzzzZZZzZzzZZzZzzZzzzz….has Uma fucked Tarentino yet? ZZZzzzZZZZzZZzzzZZZzzzZZzZzz…I mean c’mon.

          2. Not yet but I’m sure that I will at some point. It’s just getting rediculous the way he throws her in every movie and close ups of her feet? He’s a strange man.

  2. guess who found you! So this is what youve been up too? Nice to see you! and thanks for adding me again…argh…ex problems! Talk soon!

  3. um…first of all I’m not gonna get into who whooped who’s pirate ass… had to stop me the only way you know how….. Yep. Right in the bucket….. And I was singing love to love you . So there. I can’t believe you posted THE most horrifying picture of all time.

          1. Easy killer….a little less sexy on the nickname please….it’s making me a bit too hot…OMG…I can barely stand it. =p

  4. damn, zombie pop! you two compliment each other so perfectly. you’re like two crayons straight out of the same crayon box.

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