Jungle Love

I just had to re-post this picture of a_vampire_soul havin herself a smooch with her own “Zombie Monkey” I did for her a few months back. I’d say the big, green fella found himself a very nice new home.

If you happen to have shots of your own featuring you or your loved ones, pets, etc. defiling my artwork…please don’t hesitate…feel free to send me a copy or just post them here!

18 thoughts on “Jungle Love

      1. at least you are aware of the fact that there is a need for more zombie monkeys in the world!!! personally, i’m looking forward to seeing what is next…

        1. Always room for more zombies in the wold of primates. The only one I can think of besides mine is that Cy-Gore character from the Spawn books.

          1. i saw it like right after i made the post. i NEED both. i need EVERYTHING!!!!! i have a slight tiki obsession, as it is.

  1. That’s cool. Your pictures are bigger than I thought they were from looking at the regular posts you do. I really like a lot of your stuff.

    1. Thanks Forrest. Yeah…I do all different sizes. The large framed ones are my favorites to do but lately I have been working with smaller (9×12) wooden planks. Easier to get and I can sell them a bit cheaper than the framed ones.

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