Pass the nuts Mr. Keaton

Old friends are few and far between these days given that old and devious foe geography but last night I was reminded of the comforts found in the company of someone who has seen you through good and bad and even a bit farther south. Ronna has recently befriended Racci’s girl Gray whom we met at Rameh and Brixx’s place awhile back and the girls seem to be dragging the two of us out of the cave as well. He and I are both unlikely to make that call I guess. Last night though, dinner was all about the easy conversation and laughs. Stories old and new, chatter bouncing all around. Good to see my baby doll dig in on her own and light up so bright. Hopefully this will lead to a regular and repeated situation. Good to be among those you really know. Better to put the past in it’s place.

7 thoughts on “Pass the nuts Mr. Keaton

  1. atlanta preview perhaps??? they are really amazing people and I just adore Gray to pieces…It was great to see you with real friends… I love you so much.

  2. god I hate you. try a real job. you lazy sleazy piece of shit! AHHHH you really shouldn’t try to sell your art and embarass yourself! (again, try selling drugs.)

    1. I leave the selling of my drugs to your little sister who I had turned out by some homeless guy at the library

    2. He works harder than your entire family crammed in the one bedroom apartment on the other side of the tracks. He’s also made more money than them. Apparently YOU have nothing going on if you have the time to stalk someone’s journal who you don’t know. Sorry that he won’t suck your dick honey….really…let it go.

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