Wait for it……..

Currently wall to walled by stacks of canvas all just itchin to be scratched. Several new backgrounds are layed out, dry and already ready already…just waiting on King Procrastination (yes…that would be me) to pick up a brush and dig my way out of all these new ideas that I am petrified to try out. I run into this problem where I get several new ideas all at once but don’t trust myself in their execution so I wait….and I stare…and then wait some more. Been doing a lot of new sketches though so I know the dam’s gotta break sometime soon and I will just roll out a heap of new pieces. It’s a bit of a pattern I’ve begun to recognize. Not that that makes me feel any better right now but at least I know what’s next.

6 thoughts on “Wait for it……..

  1. Although you already have the backgrounds, I can be very tense and you can get very anxious about painting your ideas. It took me a long time to get over blank canvas syndrome. you know the “it’s so new, I don’t want to mess it up. I could sit and stare for hours at it imagining my lines and what was in my head and how I was going to make it tangible. Put on some music get in the groove and go at it. If you don’t like it after your done you can always paint over it. I’m assuming you are using oils rather than acrylics since you said they are dried, like it took awhile to dry. but both mediums are very workable. and as ross said there are some happy mistakes. 🙂 on another note I need to pick up some canvas. I’ve been doing to many interactive projects and not enough fine art projects. painting is so refreshing.

    1. I always tell myself I can just paint over it if I don’t get the results I’m after but more often than not I just tend to start swearing at the furniture. I use acrylic but it just seems like I get to where I want it to look and don’t wanna muss it all up. But you are right and I know that I just need to relax and it will all come together fine.

  2. i have the terrible problem where i never finish my paintings… i get great ideas, buy a huge canvas and go nuts all day and night, and then put it aside and it just sits there, sometimes for a year! i now buy little canvas’s very very little ones hahaha that way it only takes me the one day. you will be ok, if you can’t do it today, try tomorrow, just don’t pressure yourself 🙂

    1. I can’t stand having something not finished. Drives me nuts even worse than this does. The other thing I need to remember is that I can always buy another canvas to do another piece if I wanna. I get too picky.

  3. I think the new little one is going to look AMAZING….it’s already coming together…get off your back baby…it’s all coming together… love you.

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