Little girl…big knife.

So far, no name on this one…inspired by all those Japanese horror movies with little school girls. She’s 12×24, acrylic on canvas…$125.00

(May add more to her detail wise tomorrow.)

More this way…

title or description

27 thoughts on “Little girl…big knife.

  1. she’s just the cutest….well not as cute as the ones that are just around the corner….(for obvious reasons of course….and for looks that are beyond my control..heh heh)

  2. if i had the cash i would so buy one of your paintings. maybe after i get situated with the whole moving thing (of course i have to move first). hell, i’d love to use one of your designs for a tattoo.

  3. Your artwork is badass…your style is truly unique. I really like the clown one that Ben owns. You rock. -xoxo angie

  4. Doctor, If there are no other offers I would gladly give you $125 for your lovely piece. I’m leaving for Miami soon and I need something to put on my new bare walls!

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