Drain Damage

Had myself a little “chat” with the Captain this afternoon over bristles and burnishers and well…just didn’t like the way the conversation was headed so I escorted him to the sink. Not generally one to be rude with a guest I informed him that I simply wasn’t in the mood for his company today and would catch up with him another time. Ever the gentleman, the Captain understood completely. We have a long standing agreement you know.

After his departure I did what I think to be my best bit of shading to date on this new sacred heart I’m laying down. Who would have thunk that a makeup sponge was just what Bob Ross ordered by way of the fine detail? It was like an epiphany, only messy-er of course. Pictures pending…

Something new everyday I suppose.

10 thoughts on “Drain Damage

  1. Somehow dont think it was “pretty trees” or “happy clouds” you were layin down with the sponge, tho.

  2. Nice show, a make up sponge? I haven’t tried that but, I’ll have to give a try sometime, thank you for the heads up. Great work on the latest btw, and the Captain even though a blackheart he could be he’s pretty much a pushover if you really don’t want him around. ;->

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