Sacred Heart from yesterday’s effort.

Another of the large sacred hearts I’m doing for my show in September…

“Sacred Heart in Purple”

24×26, acrylic on canvas…$250.00

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28 thoughts on “Sacred Heart from yesterday’s effort.

  1. wow that looks awesome. I’ve always loved your sacred hearts. I am deffinately buying one of your pieces, or maybe I can get someone to buy it for me as a house warming gift when I move out. Either way I have to have one. I’m sure by the time your gallery rolls around I know what I want!

    1. Thanks…I try to keep it as simple as I can. Been working on the shading a lot recently and I think I finally got a handle on it.

      1. Well, I meant that usually you’ve got a greatly gradiated pattern (sponged?) in the background that helps to make the focus image JUMP off the board, and this is the first time i think that I have seen you show one with just a solid (non-textured) background, and yet it STILL screams “LOOK AT ME”. Though I think you’re right, it probably has a lot to do withthe way you’ve applied the shading so well this time. kudos!

        1. I used to do them on all flat black backgrounds to get a sort of velvet painting look but got bored so I been trying a few new things to bring the images out more. With this one, when I threw the white outline around the heart it really made a difference.

  2. I know I’m not the first to say this but you should be tattooing as well as painting. I know their are a lot of inksters out there who wouldn’t mind having some of your creations etched on them. I’ve been eyeballing that big $150.00 owl painting on your site and it’s tempting me with it’s “Hoooo, Hooooo”.

    1. Thanks…I’ve done a little (very) tattooing before and if I was more secure with my skills might have persued it. Well, he’s sitting right here so just say the word!

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