Ray Harryhausen’s birthday today.

Remember all those crazy, stop motion animated movies where Sinbad fights skeletons and stuff? Well, this was the mastermind behind all of those and many, many more.

In memory of a true genius…

Just CLICK HERE…you can either thank me or reprimand me later as you see fit.

17 thoughts on “Ray Harryhausen’s birthday today.

  1. I am holding you responsible for the puddle of urine under me that I made when I was laughing so hard at that vid.

  2. I can’t wait TCM is having a tribute to Harryhausen tonight and showing a bunch of his movies…but wait I thought he was still alive?

  3. I remember when you first sent that to me…. hmmmm….thank you….reprimand you….presents waiting for you….

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