Well, I could sit here at 5am on a Saturday and level a rant about how busted my stinkin car has been the last few weeks or the shit-tarred, flaming hoops I’ve jumped through to try fixing the bastard but I just woke up an refuse to start my day off that way. Last night was the first night all week that bleedtheheart and I got to see each other for more than a five count and just take it easy so the big plan was movie night on the couch. Got a slight bit sidetracked with a trip up to the bar to get me some money for the Frankenstein and Bride paintings that our friend Cat bought but it was good to see Mike and I’m running on empty pockets at the moment.

Gotta get back to slapping paint around today as I wanna try to finish up nemesisxiii‘s new piece by tomorrow in the p.m. and since there’s an Artimus Pyledriver family BBQ in the daytime, I expect full blown carnivor coma time till nearly nightfall. So, today I paint it up and head back to the Hoe to fill in the new blanks and maybe a few old ones too and that’s really about the size of it. Gotta get some new stuff to show at the Skin Two party as well but that should be no problem as I seem to be out of my rut again.

And uh…Hell Yeah! Hellacopters Monday!

12 thoughts on “Blargen-flargen…

  1. Work, work, work. Money, money, money. It’s starting to become ridiculous. It just is ridiculous. I’m glad you’re not doing too poorly and you get to see the wifey once in awhile. If I had the money, I’d buy up a hundred of your paintings, doll.

  2. I just tried to post this message like 15 times, but livejournal wouldn’t let me. So I will try once more: Last weekend we met Dirty Donny who has done an album cover or two for the Hellacopters. His studio actually reminded me of you, as your work and his are not too terribly different. Are you familiar with him? Tell your beautiful wife that I love her!

  3. can’t wait to see it…..just let me know when it’s done….next week is really busy for me. i might have to meet up with you on the way to see Motley on Wed….

    1. It’s probably gonna be done Monday or Tuesday at this point. Turning out well but just different trying to translate her to a larger size.

    1. Thanks! They actually contacted me a couple years back but I never heard anything beyond a “would you be interested” type msg.

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