A week away.

Three new pieces and a few old familiar favorites (My new version of the “Bride” looks crazy!) all ready to go for next week’s opening at the Rabbit Hole Gallery’s “Haunted Hole” show featuring myself as well as Jim Stacy, Tyson McAdoo, Shane Morton, Bethany Marchman, Jett Bryant and more. It’s gonne be chock full of creepy crumudgeons and spooky stuffs. This is the most excited I’ve been about my paintings goin up since the Peacock Room show two years ago. I’ll post about it again probably Friday but I just wanted to give anyone on here from Atlanta a chance to clear out the day on their calander…ya know…just in case.

6 thoughts on “A week away.

  1. i’ll be neck deep in San Antonio….i’d love to see the new stuff. the two creeps i do have of yours…found their new homes last night in my office. they look great!!! check it! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    1. Yeah, it would be real nice to see you and the wife. Good luck with San Antonio and thanks for the picture! Glad the ladies are keeping you company.

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