10 thoughts on “Denim Season

        1. The Atlanta branch of the Turbonegro legion known as a “jugend”. Sort of a loose gang of drunken idiots but we all have matching denim jackets, logo an all.

          1. i just saw the turbonegro (i like them, too, but not a “huge” fan)… done up with the pabst logo and i was thinking you did up the design knock-off… that’s a pretty cool bit of trivia… see, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions… hahahahaha how’s your weekend going?

          2. yeah, it’s a whole lot of stuff to relieve the soul, but nothing that feeds the heart or puts the dinner on the table… i have a choice, be crazy doing what makes me feel good, alone… and rather stressed… or be crazy killing myself with “woulda, shoulda, coulda’s”… and feeling like i’m not living up to my potentional and dealing with second best everything… you’re super super talented… i only deal with watercolors myself and it’s been a long time since i picked up a brush… now i’m almost purely computer graphics, though, if you would have said that i’d be this way now to me in ’92 i’d laughed in your face… can’t wait to see the new stuff you were mentioning in your LJ…

          3. Thanks for the compliment. Best thing to do is just grab a brush and dig back in. I think if I was still doing band stuff and could take a break to paint now and then, I would have been much more relaxed. I’ll be posting some shots from the show I’m sure.

          4. Yeah, I recently dug out my old tackle box… Threw away a ton of just, doomed paint… Some of my brushes are still okay… Others are super brittle because I’ve not really kept up with well… upkeep… But the expense parts, my water dishes, divided bowls, etc. those are still around and fine… It sits right there and just haunts me everyday… And everyday I go… “Tomorrow, when I’m done with… blah blah blah blah” It’s weird, it was my watercolors and ink washes that got me my scholarship into college… Those were what helped pay for my education… and now it’s been over 10 years since I’ve picked anything up… I still sketch and will pull out stuff… Ink wise, type/font wise… (I wanted to do album covers… BIG TIME when I was a kid… I studied in typsetting/logos and in watercolors/washes… I just hate the damn deadlines… I like creating for me… Screw everyone else… I’m hoping that if my damn home business becomes steady, well, then I can take time to actual do my painting again… And possibly use some of those designs for my next line… It’s a strange goal of mine… Yeah, can’t wait to see those shots from the show… I know if I was closer, I’d totally be there… Because I love Tyson’s work, too… I just finally got home from GC enslavement… and it’s time for me to find some zen… ie, Pabst… I had plans to sit here with a friend in town from Ft. Lauderdale, but it looks like she’s flaking on me… ie, all of the beer is now mine, mine, mine… Sorry, yeah, I’m geeky like that… 😉

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