Here’s the results of tonight’s efforts:

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12″ x 32″, acrylic on canvas…$175.00

Wanna see some more?

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12 thoughts on “Finished..

  1. I think this is definitely my favorite of all your work. i can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels a little different than the rest. definitely nice work!

  2. There has been such good feedback on this, as it should be. I see the measurements here. I want that guy. I want to say he’s mine. He’s mine, right? In my mind it’s as good as done. I love the background. It’s probably my favorite part, you ought to start doing rusty looking backgrounds all the time, it looks really good with your style. It makes it pop. This guy is mine.

    1. Got the money order today and will be shipping your painting tomorrow. Thanks for the picture and the card by the way…both were very funny.

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