Well, I may have to schlep around in the cavernous confines of the work a day world tomorrow on my birthday but right now…I’m starin at the brand spankin new flat screen monitor that my baby got me. Tomorrow after work it’s dinner and drinks with the Jackson Two at the soon to be closed Asada and more than a little rollin around on the couch with the wife.

Color me lucky.

13 thoughts on “Presents.

  1. Happy Birthday to an oldie but a goody 😛 I wish I had a gorgeous wife sitting on my couch in front of my new t.v. Pff on you. <3 xo

  2. December child too eh? Shame I don’t live in town or I’d throw us a big double bday shindig just because we’re that rock n’ roll. Enjoy your night!

  3. Happy birthday! Maybe I’ll take you two out to dinner after holidays. ok…. After I get some rest from the freakin’ holidays.

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