I wasn’t born yesterday ya know.

Birthdays for me used to basically mean at least one of three things…severe liver damage…sleeping in the bushes…or jail. More often than not, all three plus mountains of drugs and at least one fist having been smashed into or through something. Never mind the litany of apologies I’d be required to make the day after the wheels stopped spinning.

Last night was inclusive of none of the above mentioned components. It was just a great evening with my wife and two of our best friends. Dinner, Star Bar and home.

Fuckin great time.

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24 thoughts on “I wasn’t born yesterday ya know.

      1. bAH, as long as you are breathin in and out. It dont Fn matter where ya are! “There aint no normal life,Its just life” Hope you had a dammn good weekend brother! Best NIK

  1. Glad you had a great time, the photo is phenomenal and I’ll bet it was nice to not have to worry about the round up of apologies *laughs* You’ve got a great lady there and some friends who obviously care for and respect you, you deserve it.

        1. http://www.turbojugendatl.com/ If you like Turbonegro…that’s all ya need to join, the jackets are about $125.00 I believe though. Fully embroidered and you get to pick your very own “warrior name”. I got word through the grapevine that the position will not be re-filled.

      1. Wonderful. He is now housed on a wall painted completely red to accentuate only him. He may need a friend someday though…

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