Yeah, so I uh…went shopping today.

You know that feeling you get when you spend more money than you really thought you were going to? I didn’t go too nuts and I’ve been saving for a new truck but it’s real now and my bank account reflects this new reality.

Oh and as a side note…this picture does not reflect the reality of how big my new truck actually is.

Fuckin huge.

17 thoughts on “Truck?

  1. Have fun filling up that gas tank.. It may be better to just not look at how much your spending at the pump….

  2. Nick has a dodge truck. He loves it! Only problem is the rising cost of gas, and its so long it doesn’t really fit in the garage. But he still loves it. he also parks in the back of parking lots because of its size and he doesn’t want dings. might be an idea for you.

  3. wow.. any particular reason for getting a huge truck? How is the gas milage on the new SUV’s and such these days?

    1. Part need for work…part need to lug around paintings…part just sick of small cars that make sense. Terrible mileage.

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