Things have been a bit on the rockier side of the road with this relocation back to Orlimbo so it was nice to get back with the family yesterday. Brought the girl and she made it out alive. Less stressful this year and actually everyone sort of dispersed faster than normal so it was with near surgical air strike precision that we made our get away.

Spent most of the day today having lunch with Kass and painting on a new green cat piece. Been posting stuff for sale all over the place like a mad man lately trying to drum up some pocket filler but seems everyone is on the light side of the bank account as well.

Ok…enough of this.
Back to the brush.

Hope you all had a good time and saw your loved ones yesterday.


**Oh yeah, near forgot. There are spooky cat shirts available on my site now. Here’s a shot of Kass wearing hers the other day in fact:

If ya want one, just lemme know.

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