I got the call from a friend yesterday that you were gone. There was a time when I waited for that call with a certainty of not if but when. There is never a way to be ready for the words telling you that someone is no longer here and all the unfineshed business would remain that way. Our story was a whirlwind and we knew each other in ways not too many people experience. Just…always thought we would some day be able to sit down for coffee and set things right. You were and forever will be someone I loved and cared for beyond what those words can mean. Whatever choice you made in your own path and where our roads split is lost with you now. I have to believe you are in better hands now than you were while you were here. I have to believe you finally found some relief.

Good bye Kass.
No more cry face ok?

5 thoughts on “Kassandra

  1. Im sorry for your loss 🙁 I only knew her in passing, but I know a few people that actually knew her well…she will be missed

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