I haven’t been on here or looked at this since Kass passed away. It’s just been too difficult and I nearly deleted it a couple times but have decided not to and to maybe update a bit more often again. At least for awhile.

Life has changed as it does and I have continued to move forward and I too have changed in a lot of ways. Primarily, I remained sober and kept myself from self destructing. I’m 2 years and 5 months clean. The second thing is that I have gotten married and become a father. I’ve written about all of this in my paper journal as well as updated my bookface about all of this just couldn’t bring myself…here. Too much has passed in this journal and as I said, I just couldn’t look at this.

It’s actually a bit difficult right now so I am gonna wrap this up. That being said, if anyone sees this just know there will be more and I will try to update more.

7 thoughts on “Continue

  1. Congrats multiple times over! I’m proud of you for making it past not only the 1 year, but 2 yr sober birthday and still going strong. I know it’s not an easy road to walk. You have a kiddo? either you stay off the internet as much as i do or i just don’t freakin pay attention. congrats 🙂 Boy or girl? I have a 1.5 year old niece, which is way easier than parenting a child myself heh, but her coming into the world really jarred me into perspective and reality in a good way. Hope you’re doing ok 🙂

  2. I come back here every now and again and read through my ol’ friend Lucas’ journal entries too, full of all our memories. It’s actually quite cathartic. <3

  3. So odd I just came back to my old journal and had these same thoughts. I couldn’t even bear to go in and update mine because it was new thoughts and I’m a new person. Even though I’ve cleared my life of all my unwanted and unneeded, I think I’ll keep this thing around as a little piece of who I am, that person I once was. You’ve always been one of those people I think is utterly neat and such a good, GOOD person. I’m sure your son is an absolute charm and I’m hoping all is going so well. x (mr_self_destruc; can’t remember my password even ;))

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