Recently asked about where I find inspiration for my work. Every artist  gets asked this I imagine and every artist has a different answer I am sure. For me, my art isn't always cathartic or inspired in some deep personal or profound way but that does happen as well. Sometimes it is just about the pretty colors and other times I have something to get out. Sometimes I start a piece and finish it before I even realize I am working something out in my head. I can look back at certain pieces and see where I was at that time emotionally or mentally and others I don't even recall having painted them. Strange that way.

I am primarily inspired by textures though when I really look at the process I go through from start to finish. Concrete, rust, old wood...dilapidated and worn fabrics. My cell phone is often full of images I take of fence posts and sidewalks. My subjects seem to find their own way in and I just try to encase them in the moment. Motion found in the stillness.

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