Something I am starting to ask people that have purchased my art is why. Why? What made you decide to buy my artwork? Was it my color choices? Was it my subject matter? Was it the way the piece made you feel when you saw it that first time? Was it something I said when you were looking at my work on the table at an event?

This information is crucial to me as an artist AND as a businessman. I am first an artist but make no a professional artist I am also a business. Feedback is key to what I do because it effects decisions I make in my presentation and techniques. Some artists may frown on this idea but I believe that stems from fear of rejection and insecurity. If you are doing what you love to do then shouldn't you take into account any information that can further your path to following your heart?

Listen to your clientele and learn to understand your fan base. They will let you know what works and what needs work.

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