After I got sober I found out a lot about myself. One thing in particular that I was surprised about is that I do very well when I have a deadline to meet. I focus better in my art and I feel much more driven to do better work. I am currently running up on a deadline for my October shows and a self imposed number of paintings (30) that I need to complete. At this moment I just completed number 22 and I have 3 weeks to get there. I started this series only a month and a half ago. See, this used to be something that would flip me out and I would normally be in a panic at this point but I am not. At least not right now. I set goals and I do what I must to meet them. I could live in fear or I could flip out and make excuses...or...I could just get to work and create the best art that I can in this moment. I like to have a deadline and I like to work towards goals I set. Today I just keep painting.

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